Perth Smart City

It's an exciting time to be in Perth as the region embraces plans to go beyond digital and into new ways of learning and living in connected communities.
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Smart City Project Funding

The City of Perth was successful in securing a grant of $1.3 million from the Australian Government's Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. The City of Perth matched this funding to deliver seven projects.

The Federal program is aimed at encouraging Australian local government agencies and bodies to deliver smart city programs that improve liveability, productivity and sustainability of Australian cities, suburbs and towns.

The funding has assisted the City of Perth to deliver individual initiatives centred on emergent technologies, innovative use of resources, interactive data sharing enabling the City and its partners to collaborate and exchange ideas for the benefit of communities. In addition to operational efficiencies, the City also realised substantial water and energy savings and carbon footprint reduction.

Anne Still

We are thrilled that Perth has now been selected as just one of three cities globally to trial a new 6-seater vehicle that can be hailed using an on-demand app.

Anne Still

General Manager Public Policy, RAC

"This data will provide valuable insights and assist decision making for City of Perth planners, businesses, and residents in the area, as well as enhance the efficiencies of existing safety and security measures."

Fmr Chair Commissioner Lumsden

Perth Smart City Projects

The City has also focused efforts in technology development and installation of hardware for seven projects surrounding Smart Precincts, Smart Irrigation, Smart Lighting, Smart Sustainability and Open Data Hubs.  The new technology is aimed at improving liability, productivity, sustainability and to foster further investment and economic opportunities within the city.

The projects:

  1. Citizen Science - Fostering real-time environmental learnings at schools
  2. Smart Irrigation - Watering schedules based on environmental conditions
  3. Open Data Portal - Enabling open data to be publicly available
  4. LoRaWAN Network - Long range, low power network for free public usage
  5. Smart Precinct - Enhancing public safety and measuring vehicle and pedestrian activity
  6. Smart Lighting - Reducing CO2 emissions and creating energy savings
  7. Enabling Perth IoT - Developing a smart cities collaborative market place

Take a look at these projects in action:

  • Technology sector

    Sample video

    Sample video, sample video

  • Technology sector

    Sample video 2

    Sample video, sample video 2

  • Technology sector

    Sample video 3

    Sample video, sample video 3

We are here to support you and your business

The unprecedented levels of public and private investment have fuelled dramatic changes in Perth and there is no better time to establish or relocate your business here.

If you would like to find out more about how the City of Perth can assist you and your business, please contact us.

The Economic Development Team can provide the following services:

  • Guidance – Informing prospective operators about Perth.
  • Investment facilitation - Assisting investors to find suitable products in Perth.
  • A coordinated approach – Assisting prospective operators to navigate their way through government and guidance for the approvals process.
  • Making connections – Facilitating introductions to industry leads.
  • Funding – Grants and sponsorships are available.
  • Contact the City of Perth to make enquiries:
Perth investment video Blue Sky Thinking
Brandon D'Silva, Virtual Guest

There’s never been a better time to launch a new business here in Perth, wheels are starting to turn and opportunities are increasing.

Brandon D’Silva

Virtual Guest

Ruth Hatherley

The great thing about the Perth environment is you can build your company here, and remain here while being able to reach a global market.

Ruth Hatherley

CEO & Founder, Moneycatcha